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What is TKO?

TKO is a Javascript web framework, and the foundation for Knockout 4.

Knockout helps you create rich, responsive, maintainable applications built on a clean underlying data model.

  • Simple data-html bindings Easily associate DOM elements with model data using a concise, readable syntax, like this: <input data-bind='textInput: value'/>
  • Two-way observables Data model and DOM stay in sync, updating the UI whenever the data changes.
  • Computed dependencies Create chains of calculated variables dependencies.
  • Templating Create reusable components and sophisticated web applications.
  • Extensible Implement custom behaviours and compartmentalized code.

TKO has a comprehensive suite of tests that ensure its correct functioning and allow easy verification on different Javascript browsers and platforms.


Support Knockout:

via Patreon to Brian M Hunt

First Example

See the Pen Knockout.js First Example by Brian M Hunt (@brianmhunt) on CodePen.

Supported Platforms

TKO & Knockout should work on all modern, and many antiquated browsers, as well as Javascript engines such as Node.js.

Getting started

Include alpha-3 with this <script>:

<script src=""

or install the monorepo it locally with one of

$ npm install tko
$ yarn add tko

Clone the code with

$ git clone


Find Knockout online at:


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